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15. Your character walking in on mine piss drunk.

He was on the floor, on his back, staring at the ceiling with a bottle in his hand, giggling to himself as he remembered times before now, when he wasn’t scaly. The last thing he had expected was for the door to open and for the BLU Scout to come walking in, making him rumble and roll himself onto his stomach, the beer sloshing from the bottle slightly.

"Roooobbbiiinnnn! Do ya like my tail? I like my tail… helps me swim…"

Oh god…he was wasted. That grin was far too lopsided and dopey for him to be even close in his right mind. She pulled the bottle away from him, noting it was empty before setting it off to the side. “Alright, I’m just uh…gonna assume you can’t really walk? Yeah, ok I’m gonna help you up alright?” She crouched down and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. The bed wasn’t far away, and he wasn’t fat, save for the little pudge he had in his middle, but drunk also meant mostly dead weight. “C’mon, help me out here!”

He was. He didn’t know that though. Or he did, but he didn’t care. And right now he was pouting because Robin was ruining his fun by taking his drink off him. He rumbled and flopped onto his stomach, listening to her, but not really paying attention, a small grunt leaving him at her question. He felt her warmth near him and her grab his arm, lifting it around her shoulders. He heard her speak about helping her out, kind of starting to push up before a different idea came into his mind and he moved to pull her into his lap instead, nuzzling up to her jaw with a loud purr.

"Ya smell nice… and yer pretty…"

Ok, he was kinda heavy. And he reeked of booze, which gave Robin a pretty good idea of how drunk he actually was. He’d be regretting it in the morning, that much she knew, and she couldn’t help but wonder if waking up in bed with the hangover would be any better than waking up on the floor. Just before she decided to just leave him be,  she felt herself being pulled down. She let out a surprised yelp, then she was in his lap, his head buried in her neck. She couldn’t help the blush that rose to her cheeks as she tried to push him away, as nice as it felt being held like this. “Lucas…you’re so drunk.” She said slowly, holding his head in her hands, “You need to go to bed and sleep this off, alright? You’re speaking nonsense…” 

Yep, he would be. But until that time came, he didn’t care. He kept her in his lap, feeling her pushing against him, but paying little mind to it, the purr rising in his throat at the feeling of her hands holding his head. She smelt so nice, and her warmth was making him drowsy. Her words had him whine slightly, a frown settling on his face as he opened his eyes to look at her, half lidded like always, and a little dazed from just how much alcohol was in his system. “I’m speakin’ tha truuutthhh… you are s…so pretty. You make this old bloke happy…” He pressed his nose against hers slightly before yawning. “Sleep with me…”

She was almost thankful he was drunk off his ass because he hopefully won’t notice her face was beat red. She blinked at him, her mouth gaping. Did he really just…? She swallowed a lump in her throat and shook her head. He was so incoherently drunk, there was no way he knew what he was asking for. And she would never, ever take advantage of him like that.

She cleared her throat, trying to get away again, although a little gentlier. “How about this…help me help you get into bed and I’ll stick around until you fall asleep.”

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Do you ever go to your fridge because you’re hungry, but once you open it you just stare inside and want none of it? You open your pantry but still nothing appeals to you. Maybe someone even comes and suggests something, and even though you don’t know what you want, you still know that everything they said isn’t right. So you just stand around confused and hungry for no reason.

That’s what it’s like to be an asexual with a sex drive.

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12. "We should get high and fuck"

Thing is…she’s already pretty high, her eyes bloodshot from the blunt she just finished before wandering to the pond. She didn’t say anything at first, just sort of sat down and watched him. Then, after almost 20 miutes, she spoke up, her voice soft and slurring slightly. “We should get high and fuck.” She said suddenly. 

She continued to pick at it. It wasn’t necessarily the best stuff, but it did the job. It helped her relax, which is all she really wanted once in a while. She looked over as he sat next to her, still picking it apart, since it was kinda sticky. “Have you smoked before?” She couldn’t care less if he did or not, but she was curious if he was going to puff with her. “Usually I have a pipe, but I think I lost it. I snagged one of Soldier’s cigars though, which should do fine.”  

"Yeah… a few times." He muttered, not going to lie about it. He rested his arms on his knees, just staring out at the water as she continued to separate to make it a bit easier to maneuver and work, a soft hum leaving him as he waited. "Mmm… whatever works. I ain’t fussed." He shrugged, though, he was still a little nervous as to the second part of her statement. Well, he guessed they will find out what happens once the two of them were up there.

"Good. I don’t gotta show you then." She picked apart as much as she could then picked up the cigar, dipping her fingers in the water and dampening the cigar so it’d be easier to work with. Then she cut, gutted, and rerolled into a proper blunt, licking the edge to seal. She did this without a word, for once silent. Although, weed usually made her pretty mellow, if hungry and more or less horny. She handed the freshly rolled blunt to him, along with a half-empty matchbook. "Care for the honors of first puff?" She offered, grinning that hazy grin of hers.

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Sentence Starters {Lost Edition}


  • "You don’t seem afraid at all. I don’t understand that."
  • "Hey, does anyone have a pen?"
  • "Hope is a very dangerous thing to lose."
  • "You make excellent bait!"
  • ”I don’t feel sorry for you, I pity you.”
  • "Sorry, fresh out of sweet forgiveness."
  • "Sorry. I’m sneakier than I give myself credit for."

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          Don’t be deceived by my appearance

                                                I’m     S T R O N G E R     than you think

Anonymous sent: (( AU!Lucas )) The sight of the other person that close to her had a growl roll up his throat, hand tightening on the beer in his hand. How about no? He lifted himself from where he was leaning against the bar, heading over to where she stood, coming up next to her, an unamused look on his face. "Oh, what are you guys talking about? Is it interestin'? I wanna know~" Sarcasm times ten.

Honestly, it was impossible for her just to go to the bathroom without getting hooked into a conversation. They weren’t too smart, and they weren’t all that big either. Just a couple of drunk idiots who probably didn’t care about boundaries and still lived with their mommys. 

"What’s a pretty thing like you doin’ here all alone?" One of them asked, his half empty beer clearly stating he was already drunk.

"Um, I’m not alone? I’m with my boyfriend. So beat it." 

"That weird lookin’ guy you’re hangin out with?" That struck a nerve. She clenched her fists, ready to about punch this guy sober, but then Lucas’s voice cleared the red. 

"Nothing." She murmured, grabbing his hand pulling him back to the bar, "Just a bunch of fucking idiots."